Theory Test Driving Tuition in Guisborough and East Cleveland
What documents do I need to bring?
You will need your signed driving licence and suitable photographic ID, or both parts of your signed photo card licence and your booking number.
What happens during the Hazard Perception test?
Thirteen videos will contain one hazard and one clip will contain two. Each hazard has a marking window and you will be scored appropriately for your reactions if you respond during that window. Clicking outside of the window will score no points. You can score between 1-5 points depending on how quickly you react to a developing hazard – i.e. an event that causes you to change speed, direction or stop.
How much does the Theory Test cost?
The standard fee for a car or motorcycle theory test currently stands at £23, but is reducing in the near future. A car practical test is currently £62.00 (£75.00 for weekends/evenings, if or when possible)
Why do we take a hazard perception test?
Hazard perception skills are a vital part of your ability to drive. This section was devised to challenge and reduce road casualties caused by careless driving. Your awareness improves as you gain experience of driving but this section of your theory test helps to ensure that you are careful from the start.
What happens if I pass part one but not part two (or vice versa)?
You must pass both sections to successfully complete the test. If one element is failed, they must both be retaken for the full fee.