Practical Driving Test in Guisborough and East Cleveland
The Practical Test
The practical test is your opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have developed on your driving lessons. You will be expected to drive for a period of 40 minutes without any serious mistakes and are allowed up to 15 minor faults. You will be expected to perform one of the 4 manoeuvres you have learnt and possibly an emergency stop.
A little more detail...
Independent driving is now an integral part of your test and requires you to listen to a set of directions carefully. You need to carry out the examiner’s instructions without any help from them, however you may request for the destination to be written down or directions to be repeated.

These instructions may resemble the following:

Take the first right, go straight on at the roundabout and then take the 2nd left.

Alternatively, you could be asked to follow signs to a particular location, such as the local train station or hospital.

You may also be asked to follow instructions by a satnav device.

I will answer any further questions you may have about the practical test and give you plenty of lesson time taking mock tests to prepare fully for the real thing.