Professional Pass Plus Driving Lessons in Guisborough and East Cleveland
Increase Your Confidence With Pass Plus
Pass Plus is a government initiative designed to provide newly qualified drivers with the experience they need to take to the roads confidently.

Before passing your driving test, you would have been able to drive on a motorway only whilst accompanied by a qualified driving instructor. After you pass your test, you will be free to use motorways and have the the confidence to do so.

Similarly, you may never have driven in the dark before, or along country roads, taking Pass Plus gives you the opportunity to practice driving in conditions you haven’t yet experienced with a professional driving instructor at your side.

Hooray! Extra Driving Skills - But No More Tests!
I will guide you through the 6 modules you need to master before you can pass the course, but don’t worry about taking any tests. I will assess your abilities and pass you myself when I’m confident that you have demonstrated an acceptable level of skill for each module. The modules we will cover include:

Rural roads
Town driving
Driving at night
All-weather driving
Dual carriageways
Motorway driving
Reduced Insurance Costs?
Your confidence when driving will improve dramatically once you have taken this course and some insurers even offer discounts to those who have completed Pass Plus.

To find out more about Pass Plus and how it could benefit you, please contact John Newton Driving today.