Frequently asked questions
Do I need to take my theory test before I can start learning to drive?
No, all you need is your provisional licence to start driving, you can take your theory test any time and I can give you any help you may require.
I`m very nervous, how will you help me?
My many years of experience of teaching nervous pupils of all ages has taught me that patience, understanding, keeping calm and tailoring each lesson, step by step, to your own personal needs, will give you the confidence you require to become a safe and competent driver.
What payment method can I use?
Cash, cheque or bank transfer.
Do you do block bookings?
Yes, I usually do the first 10 lessons on a special offer, and then a fixed price per lesson after that, or pro rata if you require/want lessons longer than an hour, for instance: maybe because of where you live it might require longer than an hour to do a worthwhile lesson, but all things are negotiable if necessary.
I`ve had lessons with other instructors but felt I wasnt getting anywhere, how can you help me?
Again after many years experience I have tried and tested methods of getting through to pupils and I`m sure I will find a way to help you too.
I need a car for my job, how quickly can I pass my test?
I will work with you to achieve the best and quickest results possible, but this will be very much down to your ability, how frequently you are able to do lessons and how quickly you learn. Everyone has a different learning curve but various options such as a semi intensive course, can greatly speed up the process, but also remember that how quickly you are able to get a test can vary depending on which test centres are available to you and the test availability. Waiting lists can vary from centre to centre.
I struggle with manoeuvres, particularly reversing, do you have any hints to help me with this?
You are not alone. I adopt various methods to help you and I`m sure with a little practise I can soon make you confident & wonder what the fuss was about.
I hate roundabouts, they really scare me and I never know what lane I need to be in!
In this area we have many different types of roundabouts and with practise, careful explanation and maybe demonstration, I am confident that I can take away your fear and hate. Time and practise.
I worry about joining fast dual carriageways!
I know that joining a dual carriageway at speed from a slip road can be daunting to a learner, but dont worry, I will only teach you this aspect of driving when we both feel you are completely ready and I will guide you safely through the procedure.
I`m a bit worried about driving on narrow country lanes with high hedges and things?
I will teach you all about vanishing points, correct positioning, how to look for hazards like farm entrances / mud on road etc., how to read the road ahead and to be safe at all times.
I`m worried about driving at night in the dark especially if its raining!
Modern cars have excellent lights and windscreen wipers. I will start you on quiet well lit roads at first to get you used to all the different lights you will encounter. I will show you how to operate all the different controls such as lights, wipers, demisters, air conditioning etc., so you can maintain the best possible visibility to keep you safe, to see and be seen.
How will I know when I`m ready for my test?
You will have an idea yourself as your skills and confidence improve, but I will tell you when I feel the time is approaching so together we can look ahead at the waiting times/test availability and book your test for a suitable time/date.